FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Pennsylvania CROP Services

ABC Agents Inc. provides the following information about Pennsylvania Commercial Registered Office Provider Services:


1.  What is a Pennsylvania Commercial Registered Office Provider?

     A PA CROP is a person or entity that is appointed by a corporation or company as their agent to receive official governmental notifications and service of legal process.  Most states refer to this as a "registered agent" or "resident agent." It is primarily for companies that wish to conduct business in Pennsylvania but do not have a physical office in the state.  Under Pennsylvania law (15 P.S. Sec. 109), entities required to provide a registered office address in any document filed in the Department of State may enter into a contract for the services of a Commercial Registered Office Provider(CROP), and may list the name of the CROP in lieu of providing a registered office address. This option is also available for any corporation or association that does not have a physical location or mailing address in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


2. We are forming a Pennsylvania corporation, do we need a CROP?

    If you do not have a physical location in Pennsylvania where legal process and official notices can be served, you need a PA CROP.  If you have an actual office where the local sheriff may serve lawsuits and the state may provide notifications to you that is within Pennsylvania, you do not need a CROP.  Many companies choose to retain a CROP even though they maintain an office in Pennsylvania because it provides a central location for service of official documents and the company would not have to notify the Secretary of State if their address changed.


3.  We are an out of state company and are registering as a foreign entity doing business in Pennsylvania, do we need a CROP?

    As with a Pennsylvania corporation, if your corporation maintains an actual physical location in Pennsylvania where the sheriff and the state may serve documents, you do not need a CROP.  If your Pennsylvania address is only temporary, is only a postal box, or you do not have a physical address in the state, you need a CROP.


4.  Do I need to have my PA CROP in any particular county?

    No, you may choose a PA CROP domiciled in any county. If you choose ABC Agents as your CROP, you would type "ABC Agents Inc.         Westmoreland County"  on your Secretary of State documents.


5.  I want to create a Pennsylvania corporation.  Where do I obtain the forms and where do I list ABC Agents as my CROP?

    You can download the forms to file a Pennsylvania corporation from the Secretary of State here:  PENNSYLVANIA CORPORATION FORMS.  On line 2(b) fill in ABC Agents Inc.                 Westmoreland County.  Do not fill in paragraph 2(a).  This packet includes the New Entity Docketing Form you will need.


6.  I want to register my out of state company to conduct business in Pennsylvania.  Where do I obtain for the forms and where do I list ABC Agents as my CROP?

     The form Application for Certificate of Authority can be downloaded from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State here:  PENNSYLVANIA CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY.  You list ABC Agents Inc.     Westmoreland County on line 6(b) of the form.  Do not fill in line 6(a) of the form.  You'll also need a docketing statement which is available here:  PENNSYLVANIA NEW ENTITY DOCKETING STATEMENT.


7.  Because I need to file my Pennsylvania Certificate of Authority right away, I need a PA CROP right now.  How long does it take to establish service.

     You are welcome to list ABC Agents, Inc. as your CROP immediately as long as you provide payment for at least one year of service within fourteen (14) days.  Or, you can sign up for service on our website and immediate list us as your PA CROP.  


8.  I hired ABC Agents as my CROP and my service expired.  How do I renew it?

      If you have an account on this website, just sign in and order an additional term.  If you don't have an account, sign up and order service.  We always review our records and will extend your service and there will be no interruption.  In addition, even if you're a couple weeks late in paying us, we always provide notice before we cancel service.


9.  I want to pay by check.  Will this delay my service?

     Our website provides you with the ability to place your order and to pay us with a check or money order through the mail.  Simply pay us within 14 days and there will be no interruption.  If you don't want to sign up online, you can order service just by sending us payment along with your company name, contact name, address, telephone number, and email.  You can immediately list us as your CROP so long as you send in payment within two weeks.


10.  Where can I mail my payment?

       Our payment address is:

ABC Agents Inc.
PO Box 37635 #10287
Philadelphia, PA 19101-0635


11.  I don't feel comfortable giving my credit card number on a website, can I call and speak to a live person?

       If you send us an email at legal(at)abcagents.net we will have an agent call and collect the credit card number.  You can also leave a message at 412-829-1118 or 888-554-7185 and an agent will call you back and obtain the credit card number.  Remember, you can list ABC Agents Inc. as your PA CROP immediately so long as you make payment within 14 days, so fill out your paperwork and worry about paying us later.  However, please contact us as soon as possible so we can add your company to our database.


12.  I wish to cancel my PA CROP service.

      We offer a full refund if service is cancelled within 14 days.  However, after 14 days, there is no refund for the yearly PA CROP service.  


13.  What is ABC Agent's physical address?

       We are located at 14390 Route 30, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.


14.  I am an out of state resident, why am I being charged Pennsylvania sales tax for the service?

       Because you're actually purchasing a physical presence within Pennsylvania, you've become subject to Pennsylvania's laws and requirements.  Therefore, we must charge 6% state sales tax.  If you are exempt from sales tax and possess a Pennsylvania certificate demonstrating such, please let us know and we'll arrange to take payment without the tax.


15.  Is ABC Agents a mail forwarding service?

       No.  We only accept official correspondence and documents sent to your Pennsylvania office (us).  We will not accept or forward ordinary business mail.  If you are interested in a virtual office or mail forwarding service, please contact us.


16.  How does ABC Agents provide me with the official documents it receives?

       Depending on the urgency of the document, we either mail or email the document, or both.


17.  Is there a fee to forward documents that are served on you to us?

       Most companies receive two to four documents per year that we need to forward, so we do not bother to charge for every notification.  However, if your company receives a large number of items, we will invoice for reimbursement for postage and expenses.


18.  I am no longer conducting business in Pennsylvania.  Do I still need a CROP?

      In order to legally be without CROP services, you must withdraw your Certificate of Authority or dissolve your corporation.  Otherwise, you are still registered in Pennsylvania and subject to liability and, therefore, you are required to have a CROP.  It is unlawful to list a CROP without entering a contract with them.