ABC Agents as your Pennsylvania Commercial Registered Office Provider

ABC Agents, Inc., is registered with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State as a Commercial Registered Office Provider ("PA CROP").  A PA CROP acts as your registered agent in Pennsylvania to receive official notices, service of process, and other government documents.

Corporations and out of state entities that wish to conduct business in Pennsylvania, but do not maintain a physical office within the Commonwealth, are required to maintain a PA CROP.  

ABC Agents maintains its office in Westmoreland County.  Companies may maintain their PA CROP in any county within the state. 

Simply subscribe to our services and then you may immediately list us as your PA CROP.  On Pennsylvania Secretary of State forms, simply enter the information as follows:


Under Pennsylvania law (15 P.S. Sec. 109), entities required to provide a registered office address in any document filed in the Department of State may enter into a contract for the services of a Commercial Registered Office Provider(CROP), and may list the name of the CROP in lieu of providing a registered office address. This option is also available for any corporation or association that does not have a physical location or mailing address in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Listing a CROP without having entered into a contract to acquire the services of that CROP could subject a filer to civil and criminal penalties. Fictitious Name registrations may not use a CROP.